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Continuation from Day 1 at the Keto Summit in Washington   My backpack is full of books and I'm ready to take the train back to New York. I'm happy I spent a weekend in Washington at the Keto Summit. Here are my 3 takeaways from today   1. Goose bump generating stories The summit was great mainly because you get to hear the kind of stories that are hard to believe when you see them in writing.   Like a woman who was sitting a few

  Ever since my neighbor, who was a second mom to me, died suddenly when I was a kid I just thought life is short. And that you just suddenly die even if you are healthy.   This “hypothesis” was confirmed to me later on in college when a colleague who looked super lean and as strong as an ox died of heart disease.   So I was sure that by 30 I will just die.   Now that I’m past 30, not dead

They say reading a book should be handled as drinking wine. You savor it, you don't rush to finish it. But I'm of the opinion that not all books are like wine. Some need reading without the need of pondering on every word (like most business related books). Hence I continuously look for ways to improve my books/year ratio. I'm currently at 1 book a week  (see my list for this year) and here's a breakdown on how I do

Often tasks in my GipsyBot list are articles others tell me I should read. I trust the judgement of those who send me articles and have the best intention of reading the referred links. But it's not always obvious how much this specific task will take me I want to pre-build this feature into GipsyBot but until we do, I found an easy way to do this. I installed this Chrome Extension that's unobtrusive tool that shows reading time in the upper left

The ability to delegate effectively is no doubt one of the most important skills for managers. A study conducted in 2012 by Lawrence Technological University reported that 70% of leaders state they routinely delegate and 20% state they delegate often. Yet that majority of managers report struggling with too much on their plate. More often than not - it’s not that managers are delegating too much but that they are not delegating effectively. Some signs that you might not be delegating